Power Point

Final Exam – PowerPoint CGS1030

This is where you put to use what you’ve learned. PowerPoint: YOU MUST USE THE 5×5 RULE ON THESE SLIDES (similar to 7×7). Maximum of 5 words per line Maximum of 5 lines per slide

1) Create a 6 slide presentation on “How to Make French Toast”

2) You determine what you want to put in the presentation

 Keep it short but to the point

 Make sure that you DO NOT put too much information on the slides. See 5×5 rule above

3) You MUST INCLUDE the following:

 Pick a Theme for the presentation

 1 slide MUST contain a picture AS a background

 Images o Modify the images with effects, styles, borders…

 slide transition o use the same transition on the entire presentation

 Include a works cited slide

 Insert a FOOTER throughout the entire presentation (except the title slide) with the following:

o your name o your student ID number

 Change the Document Properties. Include: o Your name o Subject: CGS1030-SumB o TAGS/KEYWORDS (minimum of 3 separated by


 Save your presentations as: yourname_Q1

BE CREATIVE!!!! I don’t want to see a copy and paste presentation