Powerpoint- Interactive Learning

Chapter 8 discusses how to conduct competitive positioning research and mapping. Your job is to conduct this exercise with your favorite sporting goods clothing brand such as Nike, Under Armor, Adidas, New Balance etc…

Watch the following video for a walkthrough on how to conduct the perceptual mapping exercise with an X and Y-Axis approach:

You are to pick one of these sporting good brands, then compare it to at least 5 other brands in the same industry, using some mentioned above and others.

You are to evaluate based on light research the difference between Quality and Price between the brands. Just as the example shares in the video.

In this assignment you are to conduct a 5-6 slide PowerPoint presentation covering:

1) Brief one slide overview of the company you have chosen. Who are they? What is their mission statement? What do they generally focus on in their marketing?

2) A slide with the perceptual chart comparing all 5 brands and your brand in the sporting goods space

3) 1-2 slides with a brief 2-3 bullet point explanation for EACH company on why you put them in their place on the perceptual map.

4) 1-2 slides providing what type of customer segment would make sense to market too based on the perceptual map. What type of shoppers or customers would make sense to target in the segment

This assignment can be any PowerPoint template desired and format. It must cover the content above. A references slide is needed, and any references cited in the PowerPoint.