PowerPoint Presentation

Technology (developmental tools and technical platform for this movie)

Actors (users, manager, and designers): created by Shalini Kantaya https://www.pbs.org/independentlens/documentaries/coded-bias/

Task (Goals and Deliverables)

Structure (project org and institutional arrangements)

Less than 10 slides

Prepare a deliverable using advanced ed PowerPoint with no more than 10 slides. 

What is an advanced PPT presentation?

There should be a minimum of fifteen transitions (think components) including slide morphing.

· 3D animations, with ten animations.

· Add a voice-over to the entire presentation to add strength to your argument.

· Morph a drawing that you make

· Create a  zoom slide with six sub-slides (six squares)

· Use scalable vector graphics on the next slide and transition/morph between views.

· Make sure that your presentation is rich by using design ideas

PPT Deliverable:

1. One Advanced PPT presentation

2. Excellent Content

3. An index slide(s) that indicates where you did everything