Design an action plan PowerPoint presentation to help energize faculty and staff regarding the initiative discussed in the previous assignment (Unit VI Essay) for this unit. Keeping in mind what we have learned about roles and the issues around motivation, prepare a five-slide PowerPoint presentation to make faculty and staff aware of the need for and the path toward implementation of this initiative. Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following elements:

Slide 1: Title slide (initiative, date, audience)

Slide 2: The need (Why do we need this initiative? What is our data?)

Slide 3: People involved (name, role)

Slide 4: Communications plan (How will we get the word out and keep all stakeholders informed?)

Slide 5: Timelines for meetings and implementation

Be sure to use the note section for each slide to include the actual script you will use when the slide is showing. Be clear and concise. Address potential questions you anticipate regarding the initiative. Be sure to use APA Style for citations and references.