PowerPoint Presentation

 You have been asked to present information about providing leadership development education and training for all healthcare employees to the board of directors of the healthcare organization for which you work. Your healthcare organization has some important decisions to make in the near future, including how to manage and maintain good stewardship over the organization’s resources and how to handle various situations within the organization that may arise, such as how to handle end-of-life situations with patients and their families.

For this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation in which you will cover the following topics.

  • The importance of proper planning and decision-making within your healthcare organization.
  • How employee buy-in regarding a healthcare organization’s goals and objectives can be encouraged by forming groups or teams to assist with leadership decision-making.
  • The need for group or team cohesiveness when planning and making decisions within the healthcare organization.
  • The need for education and training in leadership development for all employees so that they have the proper tools to be able to develop plans and make good decisions for the healthcare organization.

Your presentation should consist of at least 10 slides, not counting a title slide and reference slides. You should use at least two scholarly resources, one of which can be your textbook. All citations and references must be formatted properly using APA style.

Ledlow, G. R., & Stephens, J. H. (2018). Leadership for health professionals: Theory, skills, and applications [VitalSource Bookshelf version] (3rd ed.).