Powerpoint slides

LDRS 303 Strengths Based Group Presentation
Please follow these guidelines when creating and presenting your presentation.
Include all of these elements in your presentation. You can view the sample presentations in Moodle but you must include the following:
1. Cover Slide:  Group name and group members
2. Group Slides: Each person in the group should have a slide listing their 5 Strengths. When it comes time to present, each group member will talk about their 2 top strengths and give a description of what that strength represents.
3. Team Table Slide: Create a table that lists each team members strength plotted on a table/chart. (see examples in Moodle)
4. Same Strength Slide: In a separate slide, list the same strengths you have as a team
5. Different Strength Slide: Next, list the different strengths you have
6. Weaknesses Slide: List the weaknesses or gaps in your team. For example, you might have only one person with a strength in a category (i.e. executing, influencing, relationship building, strategic thinking)
7. Application Slide: List ways that your team will seek to strengthen the area of the team that is missing. And you can’t say, “we will hire someone to with those strengths.” You need to think about as a group how would you seek to work together when missing a critical strength so you can be effective as a team.
8. Reference Slide
9. Team Member Work Slide: Please list what each person did to prepare for the group presentation, who worked on which part of the presentation. Be specific.