Presentation SEC 10-K

Submit only your SEC 10-K Power Point Presentation in this assignment folder.


  1. You are also required to prepare a brief PowerPoint file of no more than 10 slides (do not exceed) for the SEC-10K Report.
  2. Make sure you include a reference list in APA format.

PowerPoint Requirements

  1. Post your PowerPoint file in the Week 6 discussion area to Peer Review of SEC 10K Project: Post Your Draft (REQUIRED posting) .
  2. You are required to post comments on the work of at least one other student who does not yet have comments so everyone has at least one set of comments.
  3. Do not wait until the last day to post your PowerPoint file so everyone has a chance to review the files!
  4. After you read the comments you may wish to make changes to your PowerPoint file.
  5. Submit the revised file in the SEC-10K PowerPoint Presentation assignment folder by the end of Week 7.