presentation task

You have been assigned as a discussant of the presentation task scheduled for 14 April 2021 (Wednesday).

A copy of the task is presented below.

“Find an Australian company listed on the ASX and look at their remuneration report. Write down the key features of the executive compensation. How much are incentives/bonuses and how are these calculated – to be discussed in class.”

Be positive and encouraging – your role is not to find fault, but to find positive things to comment on or offer suggestions for presenting next time.

Possible areas to comment on:
how the presenter speaks
the quality of the slides
the quality of the content
the relevance of examples given

You will need to submit (via email) your evaluation to me (including the suggested mark out of 10), which will be used in conjunction with my assessment in determining the presenter’s grade.

The duration of your speech should not be longer than 2 minutes.