Price Elasticity Of Demand

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Price Elasticity of Demand

Your topic should be chosen from a reputable newspaper, a news magazine, or the Internet. If you have any doubt about the applicability of your article, please bring it to me first and we’ll discuss it. You MUST attach the article to the Article Critique!

Article Critique Format

The 37.5 point Article Critique will consist of at least two pages, typewritten, double-spaced, using good grammar and excellent written English. The report must contain the following elements:

The first paragraph should be a summary of the article in your own words. If you are having a problem and must use the author’s words, be sure to use the proper citation. The first paragraph should be one-third of the paper.

The second paragraph will analyze the topic and “connect” it to the economic subject we have studied in class. In this analysis you will first define and then describe the subject as we have discussed it in class; and then you will show how the article relates to the economic idea. You should use your critical thinking skills here! The second paragraph should be one-third of the paper.

The third and final paragraph should evaluate one strength and one weakness of the article. It should also tell the reader whether the article exhibits normative or positive economic reasoning. The final paragraph should be one-third of the paper.