Principles of Advertising Spring 2021

Principles of Advertising Spring 2021


1. This is a team assignment—no exceptions. So, please contribute in a professional

manner (discussed session 1). Peer evaluation forms will be submitted towards the end

of the semester. While everyone in a team initially receives the same grade, individual

grades will eventually be adjusted based on each member’s group contributions as

reflected in the peer evaluation submitted by group members.

2. Identify a product or service you will promote with your ad. Preferably, please choose

an established national/multinational brand that will be familiar to most students—and


3. Familiarize yourself with the past and current advertising and promotions employed

for this brand. This will require you to conduct some research so that you can fully

understand how this brand has been promoted in the past, and how you will improve

upon the company’s efforts.

4. Develop your commercial—at least a 30-second television spot, or a 30-second video

to use on the brand’s social media platforms. Please do not exceed 2 minutes. Please note

that due to COVID-19, the filming of the commercial does NOT have to be in person or

on campus. You can do the recording(s) on Microsoft Teams (or any other software of

your choosing) as shown in class. The library has a collection of excellent software for

making and editing the video(s).


5. Present your ad to the class on April 26 and Nov 28 (groups will be randomly assigned

to these dates). Following the presentation of your ad, please explain the following in

your PowerPoint presentation:

I. What product or service is your ad promoting? In what industry does this brand

operate? Who are this brand’s primary competitors?

II. What type of target audience (household consumers, business consumer, etc.)

would your ad attempt to reach? Who, specifically, constitutes your primary target


III. What objectives do you hope to accomplish with your ad (creating awareness,

aiding understanding, changing attitudes, etc.)? How does this compare with

recent advertising for this brand?

IV. In which medium/media would your ad appear? Why?

V. Which other promotional element(s) would you recommend using with your ad

to promote this brand (e.g., coupons, discounts, rebates, etc.)? Why?

6. Keep in mind that your presentation should be at least 20 minutes. After the

presentation, there will be a 5-minute Q&A. Make sure you have “rehearsed” your

presentation with your partner(s) to ensure you cover everything in the allotted time.

7. I will grade your ad and its presentation on the basis of how carefully,

comprehensively, and creatively the ad is developed, the amount of effort devoted to

creating a quality ad, the application of concepts and principles learned in class, and the

professionalism with which the ad is prepared and presented. Notice that these criteria

serve as the rubric for grading your project!