Privacy Policy Document

Create a fictitious company that must create a privacy policy document (5-7 pages). and with PPT of 6 slides.

Note :   APA format and plagiarism check with proper citations.

Need to submit a Document of 7 pages and PPT of 6 slides and with proper APA format, citations and plagiarism check.

Your fictitious company (Not an existing, i.e., Google, Costco, Walmart) must create a privacy policy document (5-7 pages). (Create own company)

The document that needs to include policy statements. The policies need to focus on governing your company and its employees. Needs to give evidence in the policy section of your knowledge gained in this course

Paper format (This as an example, no need to be in same format…but need o cover all policies…you can come with your own format)


Here, Describe the nature of your business. You should explain what your firm does, who your customers are, and briefly mention any other key stakeholders And, finally, in this section, you should explain to your audience—i.e., your company’s staff—why privacy is important in your business. Essentially, this is where you “sell” your audience on the fact that they must abide by your company’s privacy policies. (Not more than a page)

Policy Statements

Policy 1.1 Policy Statement Section Overview

This is where you organize and list each applicable privacy policy statement. You need to determine an organization schema.

Policy 1.2 Policy Statements Contents

The contents of these policies should contain at least the following features:

1. The policy, itself, such as “Reasonable Expectation of Privacy for Employees.”

1. The laws, regulations, or standards that relate to the policy at issue.

1. An example, when applicable, that helps your audience understand the policy.

1. Directions on how to effect the policy. For example, if your company processes payments by credit or debit cards, and your policy is something like “Anyone who processes payments via payment cards must conform their actions to PCI DSS standards related to privacy.” then you may want to insert a link to those standards. Or, perhaps, incorporate examples as mentioned directly above.

This list is not exhaustive. Depending on the set of facts, you may need to include more.

Policy 1.3 Comprehensive Policy Statements

The Policy Statements must be a comprehensive body.