Probation Officer Competency Based

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Im applying for work as a probation officer and would kindly like you to answer these four questions and relate them in detail towards my CV and work experience when answering each question In each of the following four areas, please explain What the situation was – this should be a brief summary of the context and situation so that we know what the issue was and where you fitted in to it. What you did – explain not only what you did but also why you made the decisions you made and took the actions you took. Who else was involved – this might be people who gave you advice or instruction, people you got to help you or it could be others who made the situation more difficult. One of the key things we want to know is what YOU did; what decisions YOU made and what actions YOU took. Make sure that your answer does not only talk about the team or only refer to ‘we’ – your personal input must be clear. What the outcome was – tell us what happened as a result of your involvement. In Probation work we deal with difficult situations and we don’t always get the results we want, so don’t feel you have to choose examples where everything turned out perfectly, though we do want to see where your involvement has had some positive impact. These desсrіptions don’t have to come from work situations, they might relate to voluntary work, your time in education or amongst your family, social group or community. Make sure that your desсrіption is clear and keep it brief; no more than 250 words for each of the four answers. When you have written a draft of your answer, read it back and ask yourself; – Is it clear what MY role in it was? – Is it clear WHY I did what I did? – Have I demonstrated my skills and attitudes to the assessors? Communicating clearly is an essential skill for Probation Officers so you will be marked for how well you communicate your answers as well as for the content of them.-