Product or Service one Company


• direct Use the Structure for Part A and Part B in mq181120 docs. attached, you can modify the structure if you have a better one.
• please read the requirements and notes for Part A and Part B in mq 181120 docs. attached
• review the lectures attached
• Harvard format reference with 20-25
• British English

Important Requirements:
1. Part A: offer topic first, and must choose ONE field from below operational management field.
In Part A, provide a state-of-the-art review of a major operations management topic (examples listed below) specifically discussing the existing body of knowledge, trends, opportunities and challenges in this field using up-to-date academic journal articles (preferably) and other resources.
A state-of-the-art review should consider 1) the current research in the given area or concerning the given topic, but also reflect on the relevant historical development. 2) It often summarises current and emerging educational trends, research priorities and standardisations in a particular field of interest. 3) The review must aim to provide a critical survey of the extensive literature produced in the past decade, a synthesis of current thinking in the field. 4) It may offer new perspectives on an issue or point out an area in need of further research. 5)The review must report on the key findings and insights generated by extant research in the area.
For the review, select only one of the major operations management fields. Some examples are given below:
· Performance improvement techniques (in relation to specific performance dimensions)
· Innovative design of operations processes (in manufacturing, service, logistics, etc.)
· Supply network design: outsourcing versus insourcing
· Disrupting technologies for operations
· Inventory planning and control
· Supplier and procurement management
· Operations that support corporate social responsibility
· Reverse Logistics
· Sustainable operations
· Innovations in service operations management (e.g., in healthcare, hospitality, etc.)
· Internet of things and operations management
· Service quality management

2. Part B: Choose ONE product or service from ONE Company
Give a topic related to your ONE product or service from your chosen Company


Requirement for PART B: COMPANY ANALYSIS (1400 words, 60% weighting)
In Part B, you are expected to critically analyse the operations and management processes of one of the companies operating in logistics sector (transportation, warehousing, delivery, etc.), from an operations management perspective. You are required to assess the competitive business environment by using the concepts, tools and techniques studied in this module.
Once you have selected the retailer you would like to examine, prepare a short report of 1400 words encompassing the operations management principles covered in module. Please make sure you include the following operations management concepts in your analysis:
• A brief background of the chosen company and an overview of its operations.
• A critical analysis of the operations transformation processes for the product / service of the company. If the company has more than one product / service, you may focus on one of them. This should also include the hierarchy of operations up to a reasonable level of detail.
• A trade-off analysis among the operations performance objectives, namely: cost, quality, speed, dependability and flexibility. L10
• An evaluation of the company’s operations in terms of two specific operations management themes discussed in lectures.
• An application of appropriate tools and techniques to analyse the complex operational issues of the companyand (where appropriate) development of viable courses of action.
An analysis of current operational challenges facing the company and recommendation