Professional Nursing Leadership

NUR 2811L (Professional Nursing Leadership NUR2811C) QEP Assignment


Definitions of four domains


Personalized definitions of domains


Analysis of two institutions






* You could use this template when crafting your nursing philosophy: Because I believe that ____________________________, my philosophy as a nurse is to _________________________________in order to ________________________________. What to put in the blanks? Because I believe that [definition of person] and [definition/role of environment], my philosophy as a nurse is to [the role/definition of nurse] in order to [concept/definition of health].

Introduce the concept of the nursing metaparadigm and its four domains. Outline what you will accomplish in this paper.

Provide definitions of the four domains (nursing, environment, health and person) and identify their sources. Which theorist says what these different domains? How do they define them?

You can write in first person in this section.

Provide your definitions of the four domains (Nursing, Environment, Health and Person). Reveal your nursing philosophy.* How do your domains fit in your philosophy?



Compare and contrast the philosophies of Miami Dade College Benjamin Leon School of Nursing and at least one hospital. How are they different? How are they similar?

Keywords: mission, values, philosophy, theory, nursing practice models, beliefs, vision


Summarize most important points from paper. How does your nursing philosophy match up to the nursing philosophy of MDC School of Nursing and/or your hospital? Draw any final conclusions about your nursing philosophy. You can write in first person in this section.


You can write in first person in this section.

Address these questions in this section in a narrative fashion: • Did you experience any “a-ha” moment(s)? • What did you learn about yourself? • How will your nursing philosophy impact or guide your practice? • Did you connect more with the nursing philosophy at the MDC School of Nursing or

with your hospital? How?