Progressive Leader Arrives In A Legacy Organization

Read the organizational scenario for this discussion in the Unit 8 Discussion Scenarios document, linked in the Resources. Respond to the following:

  • What can the HR VP do to make the new CEO transition a positive one from his perspective?
  • What can the HR VP do to make the new CEO transition a positive one from the perspectives of the employees, managers, and professional staff?



Discussion 1: Progressive Leader Arrives in a Legacy Organization

For this discussion, assume the role of vice president for human resources of a large U.S.-based construction equipment corporation. The organization has just welcomed a new CEO who is informal and focused on effectiveness. This organization is among two major players in a small market. The company you work for has 60% of the market and is doing well, as it has for the last five years. You have heard the gossip from managers and senior professional staff (an attorney and engineer) about the youthful new CEO and his open approach to leadership. As HR VP you want everything in the transition to go well, and you also want all members of the organization to welcome and work well with the new CEO. The previous CEO was not the founder but the founder’s protégé and was committed to tradition and a highly structured managerial approach, which rewarded attention to detail and efficiency and frowned upon innovation. The previous CEO is not retiring but has been removed by the board because of poor organizational performance.