Project Strategic Management

As a team, you are required to create a Strategic Plan for a mutually agreed-upon, proposed business venture.  This exercise will require you to demonstrate your understanding of strategic management concepts and theories by articulating thorough and well-thought-out responses to the specific questions.

Strategic Plan Group Project Questions

1. Develop action plan to support the strategic plan. For example, determine what needs to be done first, second, etc., and who is responsible for doing what, within a specified timetable.

2. Develop an operating budget to fund the strategic plan. Indicate the resources required and their cost.

3. Indicate how the plan will be monitored and evaluated.

4. Determine how the plan will be communicated to internal and external parties.


The Strategic Plan will be graded on the basis of analytical and critical thinking skills, completeness, correct spelling, correct formatting and neatness. It should be double-spaced, 12-point font, and not exceed 20 pages.

Current and updated references are required at least 3.

Attached is the start of the project needing all the questions answered in addition to combine with the attachment of the new tutoring business.