1. What more would you like to investigate in order to better prepare you for your future career/aspirations? Be sure to include expert recommendations (while some may be general, many are field/career specific). Support response with at least one peer-reviewed journal article with properly formatted APA in-text citation and reference. (career in industrial and organizational psychology)

2. Why is goal setting so critical to personal and professional success? What makes a goal more likely to be accomplished? Be sure to integrate expert sources from the assigned readings or from your own research.

3. Refer to the Smart Goal resources. List one short- and long-term professional and career goal (four total), along with practical substeps to achieve them. Be sure to include dates. What might be some potential challenges for each? How can you prevent some of these foreseeable hurdles?

4. What did you enjoy the most about developing an original research proposal? What was the most challenging aspect? Do you plan to follow-through with this study? Why or why not? Feel free to share any other thoughts relating to your study’s future.

5. Describe another way to present original research. Give specific examples.

6. After reading the suggested articles listed for this week, please answer the following questions:

a. What are the benefits of publishing original research?

b. What steps should one take to realistically accomplish this goal?


*Use scholarly work

*Each question should have a References with Permalink a Most

*No Dot Com

*Prepare this assignment in the APA Style Guide.

*Words 300 and up for each question^B&bookid=149720&chunkid=211951155&rowid=161