Psychology 550: Research Method Discussion

Within 250-300 words for each DQ, elaborate using the reference link attached to cite the source. Using other sources is okay, if you include a citation from the book link provided as well.

DQ1) In your own words, define naturalistic observation. Discuss examples of when a naturalistic observational study would be the most appropriate design to select. What are two sources of bias during an observation period?

DQ2) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the following nonexperimental research methods: (a) naturalistic observations, (b) surveys, and (c) correlational studies. If you were asked to use one of these designs in a study next week, which nonexperimental design would you select and why?

* Reference Chapters 5 (sec. 5.1-5.4), 7, and 8 in Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences.

**Ask for login credentials for GCU Library for book access.