PSYC-203 – Schizophrenia Video Assignment (20 pts)

Elyn Saks – A tale of mental illness from the inside

While watching the Tedtalk, answer the following questions. Your answers must be in complete sentences. This assignment must be done on a word processor Make sure you upload the assignment by the due date listed in Canvas.

1. During her 3 stays at Psychiatric hospitals, what diagnosis did Psychiatrists give Elyn? What was the prognosis for her life? What actually happened in her career? (4 pts)

2. What happened during Elyn’s first semester of her first year in Law school: (6 pts)

a. In the library?

b. In her Professor’s office?

c. What happened in the ER when her Professor too her there?

3. What are mechanical restraints? How were they used on Elyn? (4 pts)

4. What are the 3 reasons does Elyn give for her ability to overcome her symptoms and lead a “normal” life? (3 pts)

5. How does Elyn mean when she states we should not refer to people as “Schizophrenics” but as “People with Schizophrenia” Why is this important? (3 pts)