In Week 3, you conducted an annotated bibliography based on the topic you chose. For this week, you will take that information and incorporate it into a final paper.

  • The final paper will begin with an introduction of the topic you chose, using what you learned from the course to support your writing.
  • The next section will be the literature review. The literature review is taking what you wrote for Week 3 Project with editing to fit into the essay (i.e., paragraph) format. Remember, the article references are now moved from the top of each article to the reference page.
  • The next section will be the conclusion. The conclusion is basically a synthesis of what you learned from the literature review on your topic. What should also be included is what you learned throughout the course as it relates to your topic.
  • Finally, there is the reference page. Make sure to follow APA format for all references.

Your paper should adhere to the following guidelines:

For the main sections, it should have:

  • A title page
  • An abstract (not more than 250 words)
  • An introduction (the introduction not to be included as a heading)
  • A literature review
  • Conclusions
  • References