Public Health

Assignment for Week 10 (NUR 340)


Instructions for the assignment for Week 10:

· THIS IS AN INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT, please complete it individually.

· Please answer the following questions (see below) in a paragraph form. Do not complete in question/answer format. Must be in paragraph format.

· Use APA format (including a title page).

· The assignment should be 1-2 pages. References are not required.

· Once completed, upload the assignment into CANVAS. The section is “ZOOM Session Summary”.

· The assignment must be submitted by the end of today’s class.

· Please be prepared to discuss your answers.


Questions for ZOOM Session Summary :

1. Describe two primary issues that affected the vulnerable population your group presented on, during this Pandemic?

2. How has this Pandemic affected Global Public Health?

3. If you were a Public Health Nurse, what would be your priority in the prevention of COVID-19 (use levels of prevention)?

4. What are some of the issues that have affected Nurses during this COVID-19 Pandemic?

5. As a nursing student, name one thing you can do or have done to assist during this Pandemic?