Requirements for Videoconferencing

– Explain the videoconferencing solutions for Skype, GotoMeeting, Polycom, and Cisco Webex; Include their capabilities, advantages, and disadvantages.

– Identify costs as well as implementation and support requirements for Skype, GotoMeeting, Polycom, and Cisco Webex videoconferencing.

– The functional requirements and the three possible solutions will be a section of your Proposal for Secure Videoconferencing

Implementation Challenges

– Include the advantages and disadvantages of the implementation options for the three systems you selected.

– Include the changes the media company will need to make to implement the systems.

– Explain how system administration or privileged identity management will operate with these systems.

– Examine how data exfiltration will occur with each of the new systems.

Identify Vendor Risks

– Look at the systems’ known vulnerabilities and exploits. Examine and explain the past history of each vendor with normal notification timelines, release of patches, or work-arounds (solutions within the system without using a patch).

– Address the timeliness of response with each company in helping customers stay secure.

Best Practices

– Outline security best practices for videoconferencing that you would like users and systems administrators to follow.

– Discuss how these best practices will improve security and minimize risks of data exfiltration as well as snooping

System Integrity Checks

– Develop system integrity checks for files shared between users of the videoconferencing systems.


– Recommend a system that best meets the business functionality and security requirements of the company.

Paper must be 8 pages including abstract, title page, and reference page. At least 3 references and APA format.