Racism in the United States of America

Report Issue
title and subject: Racism in the United States of America

The research paper must contain a minimum of seven (7)

cited references; with no more than one (1) website citation.

the research paper must be ten(10) pages long not including title and reference.

The reading analysis must be a minimum of four (4) pages or the introduction explaining the subject in great detail.

the other pages must including supporting detail, statistics, and other examples to reinforce the point.

subjects can include

-the history and how it began in the united states. (how has freeing the slaves in 1863 impacted society)

– the enlistment of minority(black, Asian, Irish and others) in the armed forces and how they were treated during wartime and after the war was over.

– the civil rights march 1954 how it has progressed since then.

– the struggles of modern racism, how the internet plays a role it.

– and the new struggle now thanks to COVID 19 and how Asians or anything resembling and Asian or Asian products are being viewed.

work must be under 4 percent plagiarism or as original as possible.