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1. Which of the following services, when performed for another person for compensation, does NOT require a real estate license?

(a) Advertising

(b) Financing

(c) Selling

(d) Leasing

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2. What did the Clean Air Act prohibit in order to help protect the earth’s protective ozone layer?

(a) The use of R-22 refrigerant to service an existing air conditioner

(b) The use of R-22 refrigerant in newly manufactured air conditioners

(c) The production of R-22 refrigerant for any use

(d) The sale of R-22 refrigerant in the United States

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3. A licensee wants to contact a previous customer to whom they sold a house. In accordance with the “Do Not Call” (DNC) laws, under which circumstance may the licensee call this customer?

(a) Only for a period of three months after closing

(b) For up to 18 months after the closing without consulting the DNC list

(c) For up to two years after the closing without consulting the DNC list

(d) Only if the customer contacts the licensee first

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4. A landlord requests a credit check when considering a tenant application. Which credit score would indicate the highest risk that the applicant would become delinquent on rent payments?

(a)  800 and higher (b) 670 to 799

(c) 580 to 669

(d) 579 or lower

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5. As part of the application process for an FHA backed loan, the borrower is required to do all of the following, EXCEPT:

(a) Contact a HUD-approved lender

(b) Complete Fannie Mae and HUD forms

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(c) Provide financial documents to the lender

(d) Arrange for a property appraisal

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6. If the funds for an insurance premium were available in escrow with a mortgage company and the company failed to pay in a timely manner, any cancellation should be reinstated with no lapse so long as the premium is received within how many days of the renewal date?

(a) 10 Days

(b) 30 Days

(c) 60 Days

(d) 90 Days

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7. What is the status of a broker’s license if the broker does not complete their post-license renewal requirements by the initial broker license expiration date?

(a) Involuntary inactive

(b) Null and void

(c) Voluntary inactive

(d) Active

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8. Commercial landlords can find information governing their activities in which of the following statutes?

(a) Chapter 83, F.S., Part I

(b) Chapter 83, F.S., Part II

(c) Chapter 475, F.S., Part I

(d) Chapter 475, F.S., Part II

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9. Complete this statement: In selling their own property, a real estate licensee:

(a) Must disclose their license status in the advertisement

(b) Should disclose their license status in the sales contract at the time the offer is made

(c) Must disclose their license status (owner/broker) on the yard sign, if any

(d) Should disclose their license status at closing

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10. To help create a stronger public image and build trust in the community, many companies are actively engaged in corporate social responsibility projects. Which of the following is an example of such a project?

(a) A company dinner hosted for employees

(b) A company picnic for employees and families

(c) A company policy encouraging its employees to volunteer in the local community

(d) A company hosting an annual shareholder meeting



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11. What is the most common type of homeowner’s insurance policy sold?

(a) Basic Coverage Form (HO-1)

(b) Broad Coverage Form (HO-2)

(c) Special Homeowners Form (HO-3)

(d) Comprehensive Form (HO-5)

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12. Companies often have various types of codes that are intended to regulate behavior. What is the typical use for a code of conduct?

(a) Adopted by a professional or governmental agency to help regulate its operations

(b) Used by organizations to deal with internal issues in the organization such as dispute resolution and communication

(c) Set out corporate values in order to describe obligations to the stakeholders

(d) Addressed specifically to employees to set out restrictions on behavior in the course of business and to emphasize compliance with rules

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13. Which statement is CORRECT regarding a branch offce?

(a) A branch offce must be registered with the DBPR.

(b) Sales associates may be registered from the principal offce, but work at branch offces.

(c) A fee is required for the registration of a branch offce unless the broker closes a registered offce and then reopens the offce at the same location within the same renewal period.

(d) All of the above.

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14. Under which circumstance is a residential landlord prohibited from entering a dwelling unit?

(a) At any time, at the will of the landlord

(b) In case of emergency

(c) With the consent of the tenant

(d) When the tenant unreasonably withholds consent

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15. What would Coverage D Additional Living Expense (ALE) insurance typically cover if the homeowner is unable to live in the home while it is being repaired?

(a) Mortgage payments

(b) Utilities

(c) Groceries over and above the normal expenses

(d) Temporary housing

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16. The local REALTOR® Association determined in an ethics hearing panel that a REALTOR breached the NAR Code of Ethics. What can the discipline include?

(a) Loss of their state license

(b) Up to 45 days in prison

(c) A fine not to exceed $15,000

(d) Publication of the finding on social media

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17. Which FHA lender classification includes approved banks, savings banks, or credit unions that are members of the Federal Reserve System, or whose accounts are FDIC insured by a Federal Banking Agency, to originate, underwrite, close, endorse, service, purchase, hold, or sell FHA-mortgages?

(a) Investing mortgagee

(b) Non-supervised mortgagee

(c) Supervised mortgagee

(d) Government mortgagee

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18. Which statement is correct concerning changes to the NAR Code of Ethics?

(a) The code is firmly set and does not change.

(b) Individual REALTOR Associations make changes to the code as needed.

(c) State REALTOR Associations make changes to the code as they see fit.

(d) Changes are made annually at the NAR midyear meetings and must be approved by the NAR Board of Directors.

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19. Unlicensed personal assistants may do which of the following?

(a) Conduct an open house

(b) Be paid a commission

(c) Provide keys to prospects

(d) Attend an open house for security purposes

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20. Business ethics applies to all of the following, EXCEPT:

(a) The business decision making

(b) The establishment of laws that govern the business

(c) The business practices

(d) The conduct of individuals in the business

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21. A manufactured home purchased under the FHA Manufactured Home Loan program must meet all of the following requirements, EXCEPT:

(a) Less than 400 square feet

(b) Built after June 15, 1976


(c) Classified as real estate

(d) Built on a permanent foundation to FHA standards

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22. Mangrove protections include all of the following restrictions, EXCEPT:

(a) No herbicide may be used for the purpose of removing mangrove leaves.

(b) No mangrove may be trimmed below six feet.

(c) Homeowners may only remove up to 60% of mangroves on their property without a qualified trimmer.

(d) Mangroves more than ten feet tall must be trimmed by a licensed professional.

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23. Which entity handles ethics complaints that are based upon alleged violations of the NAR Code of Ethics?

(a) The Florida Real Estate Commission

(b) The local Association of REALTORS grievance committee and hearing panel

(c) The county courts

(d) The local federal court district

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24. According to the articles of the NAR Code of Ethics, what is the ethical thing to do if the seller of a home you have listed asks you to hide the fact that there is a plan to build a railway along the property line?

(a) Acquiesce to the seller’s request and keep quiet when speaking to prospective buyers

(b) Have the seller sign an affdavit declaring that they know of no planning applications that might affect the property

(c) Follow the seller’s instructions, but lobby against the plan to build the railway line at the next public meeting

(d) Insist that all pertinent facts related to the property be disclosed to all prospective buyers

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25. What is mediation?

(a) A voluntary process for dispute resolution that is non-binding on the parties

(b) A course of action involving litigation and the courts

(c) A method of dispute resolution involving the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC)

(d) A formal dispute resolution process that is binding on the parties

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26. Each of the following behaviors would be considered unethical, EXCEPT:

(a) Taking credit for work you did not do

(b) Cheating on an exam

(c) Selling a rundown house and disclosing known defects

(d) Sexually harassing someone at work

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27. How long must a broker retain records pertaining to the real estate brokerage business?

(a) Indefinitely

(b) Two years

(c) Seven years

(d) For at least two years after the conclusion of litigation, but not less than five years

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28. A Delaware real estate licensee’s husband is in the military. He is stationed in Florida. She moves to Florida to be closer to him. Which of the following statements is correct?

(a) She may practice real estate in Florida because of reciprocity.

(b) She may not practice real estate in Florida until she passes the FREC I course and the state exam.

(c) She may apply to the DBPR for a professional license to practice real estate in Florida.

(d) She may apply for mutual recognition to practice real estate in Florida.

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29. Florida wetlands are important for all of the following reasons, EXCEPT:

(a) Protection against floods

(b) Preservation of wetland plants and animals

(c) Filtration of dirt and pollutants

(d) Development of low-valued land

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30. Which of the following would be an example of an acceptable statement when real estate licensee James Smith puts his name in an advertisement?

(a) Ask for James

(b) Ask for “JR”

(c) Ask for “JR” Smith

(d) Ask for Sales Associate James

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