upcoming course requirements, including an introduction to the “Three Ps” (Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Physical Assessment) and the clinical course expectations.

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After attending the lecture, or viewing the recording, please reflect upon what you learned and follow the directions below. This assignment has two parts; reflections and goals. The goals section has two subparts: 3P goals and clinical goals. They do not need to be in APA format, but please choose a format that is organized and visually pleasing. Please work individually and do not collaborate with others on this reflective and personal goal-forming work.

Due: 12/17/21

  • Reflection: 150-250 words
    • Reflect upon what was learned and briefly write about your thoughts. Include:
      • What were you surprised to learn from the lecture, or what was new? If no material was new to you, what do you wish was covered instead?
      • Considering your own unique work-life-school situation, what are your greatest concerns or greater perceived challenges for the second half of the FNP program?
  • Goals: (Separate from the above 250 word count)
    • Considering your own personal situation and life challenges, provide three specific goals to help guide your success in two areas
    • Goals for the 3P courses: (three goals, bullet points are acceptable)
    • Goals for clinical experiences: (three goals, bullet points are acceptable)
  • When writing your goals, try to keep in mind principles of SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant/realistic, and time-oriented)

Some Examples: (but remember you need 3 of each goal type)

1)  My first 3P goal is to study pathophysiology for 6 hours every week by setting aside 60 min every night from 8-8:30 for six nights a week.

2)  My first clinical goal is to contact 7 different clinics each week to look for a pediatric preceptor until I have found someone.

3)  My second clinical goal is to decrease my work to part-time so that I can do 40 extra hours in my pediatric rotation in October-December 2022 so that I can be more marketable in a pediatric practice after graduation.


  • Length: 150-250 words for the reflection,
  • provide at least three SMART goals for the 3P courses
  • three goals for the clinical courses
  • Format: No APA required, however, please follow professional grammar and spelling conventions. Extra points are given to original, unique styles that are organized, professional, and visually pleasing.
  • Research: None