Reflection Discussion On Readings

Please choose (at least) two of the following prompts to respond to in your 1 page reflection:

  • What “bad habits” of feedback have you witnessed or engaged in?
  • The authors briefly mention the “feedback paradox.”  How do you make sense of what they are talking about there?
  • The authors say that inspiring and insightful feedback can fuel an employee’s sense of vitality and learning.  Do you agree/disagree?  What information, experience or other knowledge shaped your agreement/disagreement with this idea?
  • When getting feedback, do you tend to respond with fight, flight, or freeze?  What do you think about the author’s antidotes to the “fight, flight or freeze” response?  Do you have any other antidotes to add?
  • On page 38, the authors describe a lose-lose outcome for both of the paths that Mira is contemplating to give feedback to Steven.  What surprised you about the authors suggesting that these are lose-lose pathways? What resonated with you about how they discuss these paths?
  • If you are not familiar with work on mindset, I STRONGLY encourage a deep read of pages 44-51! After reading it, reflect on two things you can do going forward to reflect a growth mindset for yourself and/or for people that you work with/supervise.

Think of this more as a “rough draft” than as a paper that you are turning in for a grade.  You will likely refer back to your reflections here when you work on self and peer feedback in this class, so I am hoping that you will be able to build on these reflections over time .