Reflection Write Up


Background info: this course was about Business strategies and policies for 8 weeks


How did your practicum experience change and/or reinforce your views and assumptions about the course material relative to application and process?

Talk about gaining more knowledge on how to run a company or scale a company to maximize shareholders wealth; from like a perspective of a C.E.o of a company


What have you learned during your practicum (on the job)?

Talk about what you learnt from Joint ventures, diversification, vertical integration, External Growth Strategies: Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances


How have your abilities in this area changed?

Talk About how does topics have helped your skills improve


What more, if anything, to you want to learn?

Nothing more, class was very detailed and granular.


What benefits have you gained from your practicum in terms of your career and/or personal goals?

Talk about the benefits to my professional career in Information technology



Please describe any other elements of your practicum experience you would like to reflect upon.

Talk about “diversification “ as your favorite topic in the course