Reflective Action Plan


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You are excited to incorporate what you learned about reflective practice from a recent workshop into in your own program. To begin, choose a professional practice of an educator. (Example: arranging a learning environment or communication strategies). Then, identify an opportunity for improvement within the professional practice. To address this area of improvement, you will create an action plan.

The reflective action plan should include the following:

· Identify and describe a teaching practice, scenario, or experience within the early childhood setting. Explain why you have chosen this particular teaching practice, scenario, or experience.

· Incorporating the reflective cycle, reflect on what you will do to improve/modify in this area for the future.

· One (1) example of how you will measure the progress of this improvement or modification.

· Notes or ideas on the next steps (after you measure progress) of the professional practice, scenario, or experience to continue the reflective process.

· Incorporate two (2) credible resources to support your progress, next steps or identified improvements needed.

General requirements:

· Minimal to no spelling and grammar errors

· Attempts APA intext citations

· Provides references page in APA format

Include a reference page, and, if needed, in-text citations. Format these components according to APA standards.

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