Reflective Analysis and Action Plan




a)      Match yourself to your chosen career by undertaking a skills audit and a personality assessment

b)      Explain where and how you match employer requirements (show evidence of research)

c)      Identify the areas you need to develop and produce an action plan which indicates the necessary actions, resources and time frames you will take to fill the gaps

Assessment Criteria (equally weighted)

  • Demonstrate ability to realistically self-assess through auditing of skills
  • Present examples of skills in a structured way to communicate employability
  • Outline learning opportunities which take account of personal abilities and available support
  • Identify appropriate aims and objectives using SMART framework
  • Show evidence of research using relevant sources


On successful completion of this module a student will have met these learning outcomes:

1.           Demonstrate awareness and competence in working skills

2.           Demonstrate awareness of the behavioural requirements of the working environment

4.           Reflect on and learn from experience

5.          Plan effectively towards a desired future.


·        . LINK can be provided to additional info, where appropriate.

·        Include or provide a LINK to marking criteria for assessment and weightings.



·        Ensure your Skills audits and psychometric tests have been completed

·        Research at least one specific company or industry and keep the research on file for later assessments

·        Complete a draft action plan, to ensure you know how to follow the SMART criteria

·        Rehearse your presentations, using PowerPoint software

·        Review materials on Blackboard, weeks 1-4.

·        LINK to reading list



·        Assessment Release date:   w/c 19th October

·        Assessment Deadline Date and time:  w/c  30th November and 7th December 2020   (times and venues tba)

Please note that the exact times will be agreed with you all during those weeks.


Your feedback/feed forward and mark for this assessment will be provided on Monday 4th January 2021 and sent to you via email.



·        Use PowerPoint to present your work and email the slides to Cath, in time for the presentation.

·        There is no word count for this; there is a time limit of 10minutes.

·        If you feel you have useful, relevant content towards this presentation, that it is not easy to talk through in any detail, submit a handout also with your work. This must also be emailed in time for the presentation.

·        Style of referencing for any sources you use: Harvard.



·          You will be supported in your prep for this assessment in classes Semester 1, weeks 5 and 9

·          For support with using library resources, please contact our School librarian Fran Robinson or the general email, You will find links to lots of useful resources in the My Library tab on Blackboard.

·          If you have not yet made the university aware of any disability, specific learning difficulty, long-term health or mental health condition, please complete a Disclosure Form.  The Inclusive Support team will then contact to discuss reasonable adjustments and support relating to any disability.  For more information, visit the Inclusive Support site.

·          To access mental health and wellbeing support, please complete our online referral form. Alternatively, you can email, call 01772 893020 or visit our UCLan Wellbeing Service pages for more information.

·          If you have any other query or require further support you can contact The <i>, The Student Information and Support Centre.  Speak with us for advice on accessing all the University services as well as the Library services. Whatever your query, our expert staff will be able to help and support you. For more information , how to contact us and our opening hours visit Student Information and Support Centre.

·        If you have any valid mitigating circumstances that mean you cannot meet an assessment submission deadline and you wish to request an extension, you will need to apply online prior to the deadline.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this assessment brief is correct at time of publication. In the unlikely event that any changes are deemed necessary, they will be communicated clearly via e-mail and a new version of this assessment brief will be circulated. Version: 1



Breakdown of the Assessment Task



  1. Match yourself to your chosen career by undertaking a skills audit and a personality assessment


  1. Explain where and how you match employer requirements (show evidence of research)


  1. Identify the areas you need to develop and produce an action plan which indicates the necessary actions, resources and time frames you will take to fill the gaps




To do part a) you need to prepare at least one skills audit and produce the results from one psychometric test. You can complete more than one, to help you choose the ones that mean the most to you and that you feel you can comment on (reflect upon). In the time given for the presentation, you will probably only get time to talk about one each. Make sure I see evidence that you have done the tasks by sharing the completed audit and test results on the slides.

You also need to have picked out the company or job role that you are using for this work. Remember, it does not have to be a genuine application. Ask me if you are vague about this.


To do part b) you have to have researched the company or looked in detail at the job role. You are looking for evidence of what the company’s values are. You are looking for what the company says it is looking for from their candidates in terms of soft and hard skills and qualities (your character traits). If it is an advertised role, they will tell you what they want. If it is the company directly, you need to search for their ‘Careers’ or ‘jobs’ sections of their website to access some general information. Mission statements are always a good place to look, too.

Make sure I see evidence of the web research- click on the site or do screenshots of the relevant sections to include in your slides.

And then- the analysis part means you look back at your audit and test and then at what the company/ job role wants and you comment on where you match, where you don’t yet have skills.

You can do this in a table, if it’s the best way to capture your evaluation- that is up to you.


Part c) is where you produce a plan about what skills and qualities to work on, over the next few months. It can also include concrete plans, e.g. aiming for first class grades or applying for more placements etc. It is good if it links, at least in part, to what you have just evaluated in matching yourself to the proposed company/ role.

An action plan is a grid or table and should express your plans in a way that is easy to look over without reading a whole essay or report. So, keep your comments and descriptions short. I suggest you practice this so I can help you see if it is ‘action’ based rather than just goals, before you do the presentation. How many rows you want to include and the depth of detail is up to you. This assessment is not judged by word count- it is by timing of what you can tell me in 10 mins.







I’m detailing a suggestion of the order of the slides, as a minimum, in case that’s useful to you. But it is only one way to do this, so please follow any structure that suits you:


Slide 1: Introduction. Tell me what you plan to cover (contents list maybe) and also tell me which company/ job role and why you chose them

Slide 2: Psychometric test results. Include the screen output. (You may use another slide to discuss in detail if that helps)

Slide 3: Skills audit. Include the table on the slide and talk through as much of it as you can in the time. (Again, you may need more than one slide depending on what you want to say)

Slide 4: Company Research: show me screen shots of relevant sections of the research: job descriptions, company values, careers site and info. (This may need a few slides for the visuals)

Slide 5: Matching. This is where you evaluate your skills and personality with what the company/ job is looking for. It’s about looking for the gaps as much as the positives. At least one slide to compare this.

Slide 6: Action Plan. Even though it’s a grid template, it may take up more than one slide to see the detail properly from the audience. If you run out of time, pick one theme and follow through your reasoning, describing that one action or plan in details

Slide 7: Conclusion: a good conclusion may highlight your priorities- the main area of your focus after all you’ve discussed.

Slide 8: Sources of information. This may be short- maybe sometimes only a website or 2. But let me know the details and list in Harvard style please. I can help you with this