Reflective Journal

Assessment 2: Report 1

Assessment Description

Summary: Each student is required to produce an individual reflective journal documenting their experience while undertaking the main research project of this module.

This style of reflective report is intentionally less structured to allow you to express your individual thoughts and opinions freely and openly. While there is no right or wrong answer your reflection should illustrate how you have developed your ability with what was covered in this module.

To complete this journal try to focus on i) what you have learnt about yourself and what you gained through this experience. For example, think of: How the topic informed your thinking? How did you benefit? Were you proactive or reactive? What did you discover about your personality? etc. and also reflect on ii) the challenges faced while working on the project. What were they? How did you overcome them? If not, why not?

Then proceed to report on the effect the project had on iii) your philosophical school (post positivist, pragmatist, constructivist, etc.) by reflecting on your ontological, axiological and epistemological stance, before, during and after the project and iv) inform on how you managed the ethical issues encountered in producing this work; such as data confidentiality, obtaining informed consent, debriefing participants, etc.

You should present your report in the form of a 1200 word (+/10%) reflective journal. You are advised to support your reflections by researching relevant literature on reflective writing, and ensuring all sources are cited and referenced using the Harvard style.