Reflective Learning Journal

Reflect on how the various learning experiences in this course have helped you develop personal skills. The skills you need to think about are the core competencies of the BBA program which are:

● Communication skills ● Critical thinking and problem solving skills ● Accessing and analyzing information skills ● Agility and adaptability skills ● Collaboration and leadership skills ● Initiative taking and entrepreneurial skills ● Curiosity and imagination skills

A learning experience can be almost anything including:

● Something that happened in class, such as: o An in-class discussion o An in-class activity o Something your professor said o Something one of your classmates said o An assignment or test

● Something that happened outside of class, such as: o An online discussion or a particular post in a discussion (specify the particular discussion

thread) o Something you read in the assigned readings or elsewhere (please provide a specific

reference) o A discussion you had with someone (classmate or not)

On the chart on the next page, choose 5 of the core competencies and describe how this course helped you further develop each of those competencies. Be as specific and detailed as possible. Focus on your personal skills, instead of just information you learned from this course. Provide as much personal insight and detail as possible.

Your assignment will be graded based on the level of ​personal insight and detail​. What is meant by personal insight? After you have written a reflection, ask yourself “Is this reflection uniquely about me or can it apply to almost any student in the class?” If the answer is the latter, your reflection probably is lacking in personal insight.

In providing detail, focus on a specific learning experience, instead of a whole category of learning experiences. For example, we will be doing many case problems in class. A specific learning experience could be your experience in working out a specific case problem. A specific learning experience is NOT describing your overall experience in working on case problems throughout the semester.

Each reflection must be at least 100 words. However, please keep in mind that, in just 100 words, it would be very difficult to provide a level of detail and insight that would be awarded a good grade.




This is a sample format you can use to prepare your assignment.

Core Competency Relevant Module(s), Activity or


Detailed description of your learning experience and the development of the core competency

1. [minimum of 100 words]

2. [minimum of 100 words]

3. [minimum of 100 words]

4. [minimum of 100 words]

5. [minimum of 100 words]