Reflective Summary




Reflective Summary


  • Reflection on the content of this course (1,000 words).


We live in a world with increasing amounts of data and information – and the means to generate, store and analyse both.  This means it is possible to make better decisions than ever before.  Successful management today requires we need to master an array of technical principles and techniques for harnessing the power of data and information in decision making.

Discuss this assertion in light of the material covered in INFS 6018 Sem 1 2021.

  • Reflection on the learning process (500 words)


There are at least two general philosophies of education.  Philosophy (1) is that learning occurs best when students are given regular broadcasts of standard information, supported by the option to clarify particular matters with teaching support staff.  Assessment by exams focuses attention and ensures students have to master all aspects of course content and are assessed fairly on it.  Philosophy (2) is that learning occurs best when students are encouraged to learn material themselves and reflect together on it.  Staff are there primarily to guide and not dictate learning.  Assessment by a variety of means supports a range of learning processes.


Based on your experiences in INFS6810 in Sem 1 2021, which philosophy do you think would be most appropriate for you – and why?  If neither is appropriate, what would be a more appropriate philosophy – and why?

Further information regarding the conduct of the essay will be provided in Week 12