Reflective Writing Folio: Paper 1

ACCT1106 Reflective Writing Folio: Paper 1

(600 – 800 words)


This assessment task requires you to work through the ‘Working Effectively in Teams’ module on Canvas and then complete Paper 1 which requires you to think about your experiences of working in a team when completing the in-class feedback tests in your tutorials/classes.


What do I write?


The reflection should cover the following:

  • Describe one experience of working in this team that helped your learning of accounting.
  • Describe the experience
  • Explain why this experience helped in your learning (analysis) o Explain how this will help in your future learning (evaluation).


  • Describe how you believe your team will operate in completing the Business Design Project.
  • Describe how your team will operate to ensure its effective and efficient operation o Describe one anticipated difficulty that could potentially occur
  • Describe what you believe your team’s strategy should be for dealing with such a difficulty (analysis)
  • Describe your thoughts on how the team should operate can help you in your future learning (evaluation).


How do I write it?

Use the following guide for structuring this assessment. Write in paragraphs (see additional resources below).

  1. What did you learn from the team experience when completing the in-class feedback tests?

Your paragraphs would include the following:


Describe – What happened in your team? Describe one experience or feature of your team when completing the feedback tests in your tutorial.


Analyse –Why do you think your team operated the way it did? Why do you think the course is operated in this way? (I.e. why must students work in teams in Accounting, Accountability & Society?)

Use the ‘Working in Teams’ module on Canvas as a reference.

Evaluate – How successful was your team’s experience? How useful was the experience for you (in understanding yourself and your motivations and actions, and in working with other people to attain an outcome)?

Use the ‘Working in Teams’ module on Canvas as a reference.



  1. How do you think you could use this knowledge in the future to complete the Business Design Project?

Your paragraphs would include the following:


  • Describe – How do you think your team will operate to ensure it operates efficiently and effectively and what is one difficulty that you foresee could possibly occur?
  • Analyse – Based on the potential difficulty you identified, what do you believe your team’s strategy should be in dealing with this difficulty if it did occur?




  • Evaluate How can your thoughts on how your team should operate help you in your future learning?



  • Self-reflection – What you have personally learned from the team experience when completing the in-class feedback tests that will assist you in completing the Business Design Project





Other Information:


Paper 1 is worth 5 marks.

Use of other sources for your papers is not compulsory. However, if you wish to use direct quotes or paraphrase other sources, you must ensure that you follow the RMIT Harvard style of referencing to cite the in-text reference and to complete the reference list.

In preparation for this paper:

  • be aware that there are different cultural approaches to writing. That is, when the MPA initially began and we started to use reflective writing as an assessment, we found that some students were exhibiting cultural approaches to writing that are usually not undertaken in the Western style of academic writing. For example, we noticed the use of philosophical quotes and/or quotes by famous people were included. We also noticed that students would tend to provide a lot of writing that would eventually “get to the point” of what they were trying to say but by doing this it meant that most of the questions could not be addressed as the word limit had been exceeded. Such examples of academic writing are not applicable in Western academic writing. In other words, for your reflective writing paper, we are not expecting to see a quote by someone famous. We expect that you will write in a concise manner and answer the questions asked in a direct way – after all, remember that the paper is only 600-800 words so you need to ensure that you “get to the point” of what you are trying to say when you are answering the questions that are posed to you in the assessment document;


  • writing paragraphs: Two examples of paragraphs are provided in the assessment document as well to show you how to include the description, analysis and evaluation in a paragraph;


  • review the information provided here about Academic Integrity as ensuring the academic integrity of your work is crucial. Please review these PowerPoint slides. If you view them as a slide show, you will be able to click on any links in the body of the slides and they will take you straight to the relevant site;



  • there is an RMIT micro credential on Academic Integrity Awareness that you can complete if you wish (the micro credentials only provide two attempts and you need to get 80% or more to be awarded the badge for this credential). The badge can be uploaded onto your LinkedIn profile and social media etc. Even if you do not complete it successfully, it is still very informative, and you can learn a lot from it. Information about RMIT micro credentials is available via RMIT Creds – RMIT Creds are free to our students and there are a list of micro credentials that you can complete if you wish while you are a student with us at RMIT. Here is the link to the Academic Integrity Awareness micro credential. (Note: it may require you to log in with your RMIT credentials);
  • Also note that the following references are not acceptable:

o           References from Wikipedia are not acceptable as Wikipedia is not a reliable source  o              References from other student’s work from RMIT or other universities is not acceptable. Referencing must be from the original source of work; and

University support is also available with oneonone consultations to assist with academic writing, academic study, academic integrity, easy-cite referencing tool and much, much more! And the Learning Lab providing online study resources .





  • Paper 1 is submitted online through Canvas (under Assignments).
  • You must include your name and student number on your paper.

Do NOT submit an assignment cover sheet with your paper.

  • This assessment will automatically go through the Turnitin software once it is uploaded in Canvas. The Turnitin software will generate an originality report that will display the percentage of similarity of your paper with other sources in the Turnitin software. If you wish to amend your paper and upload it again, this is possible however please note that the Turnitin software may take at least 24 hours to generate any subsequent originality reports (after 3 submissions).
  • This assessment must be submitted online by the due date and time to avoid any penalties.
  • Feedback on paper 1 will be provided online.



Below are two examples of paragraphs:


Sample paragraph self-reflection


Working in a team has provided me with the opportunity to develop my team skills. These are part of a suite of professional skills that employers expect us graduates to have and be able to apply in the workplace. In the team I found that I did not put my views forward and I realise that this is something I need to improve. From this team experience I now feel more confident that I can communicate more effectively with team members, work collaboratively to solve problems, to negotiate with team and resolve conflicts.  








Sample paragraph Describe, Analyse & Evaluate


The major benefit of working in a team for me was that it facilitated learning and enhanced my understanding of the project. I have definitely learned more about the topic from other students than I otherwise would if I had completed the work on my own. Regular and detailed team meetings are an essential part of the team process (American Marketing Association 2008). An example of this is that in our team we had regular team meetings in the library and went through tutorial questions together. Our team always ensured that each one of us had understood where a particular figure came from and how a particular transaction was carried  





Analyse (integrate reference)







forward. My team members and I felt free to share our ideas and knowledge with each other, and that definitely made my learning process more interactive, interesting and enjoyable.


Due Date: Sunday August 15, 2021 by 23:50 AEST


Note: earlier submission is acceptable.

Reflective Writing Folio – Paper 1

For Information: Feedback and Assessment Criteria



This assignment is assessed on each of the three parts of the question.

Addressing the task: Team experience from in-class feedback tests        
Description of learning experience        
Evaluation demonstrating insight        
Addressing the task: Business Design Project        
Description of how to achieve effective and efficient operation        
An anticipated difficulty        
Analysis – strategy to deal with anticipated difficulty        
Evaluation with support        
Writing Structure        
Introduction – what the paper is about        
•       Paragraphs        
– with topic sentences        
– clear structure        
•       Conclusion        
Writing Technicalities        
Professional, businesslike        
Length between 600–800 words     Y N
Appropriate referencing (where applicable)     Y N