Regional Economics Course Project

Economics homework help
Report Issue
pick a chapter in the book

and do the project

more information in the doc Regional Economics Course Project blow

What should be the contents of the report?

• Your Name (does not count toward word count)

• Thetitleofyour chapter

• Theauthor of your chapter

• Abriefsummaryofthechapter(about100-200words)

• Describethemaineconomicconceptsemployedinthechapter(about200-300words)

• Describe the main public policy issue addressed in the chapter (about 200-300 words)

• Describeempiricaldatamentionedinthechapterandhowitisemployed by the author (about 200-300 words)

• Explain whether you were persuaded by the argument presented by the author or not persuaded (about 100-200 words) Minimum numbers above add up to 800 words (too short); maximum numbers above add up to 1,300 words (too long)

How long should the report be?

• Approximately 1,000 words (about 4 double-spaced pages)

• Gradingisbased, in part, on length

• Thereport should not be too long

• The reportshouldnotbetooshort