Regulatory Agency

Coahoma Community College

Associate Degree Nursing Program

NUR 2223 Management of Client Care

Regulatory Agency Assignment


· Answer each of the following questions fully (college level writing please), using correct grammar and spelling. Points will be deducted for grammar and spelling.

· Do not plagiarize –when in doubt reference. Referencing should be done per APA guidelines.

· Please submit assignment with a cover sheet with the following information:

· Regulatory Agency Paper

· NUR 2223 Nursing Leadership and Management

· Name

· Date

· Finished assignments should be at least 4 fully typed pages (5 pages if you count the cover sheet) and no more than 9 pages – double spaced. Points will be deducted if questions are not answered fully. Credit will be given for partial answers.

· Submit assignment electronically per Canvas as assigned by due date and time.

· Late submissions: 10 points per day will be deducted from final grade of assignment. Dropbox will close on the 3rd day after assignment is due, if no submission by this time will result in a zero for the assignment.

Grading Rubric

Discussion Question Max Points Points Earned
Answers complete 40  
Information accurate 20  
Information current 15  
References provided 10  
Grammar, Spelling, Formatted correctly 15  
Total Points Earned 100  

Regulatory Agencies Paper


1. Discuss the associate degree nurse’s scope of practice, professional standards, and governing body (state board of nursing). Please include the ANA code of ethics.

· Scope of Practice – discuss what ADN nurse can/ cannot do including, but not limited to: skills, delegation, areas of practice

· Professional standards – discuss what professional standards ADN nurses are held to and what repercussions may result in unprofessional conduct.

· Discuss MS State Board of Nursing – primary function, what guidelines are used to regulate nursing, what is the process if a nurse is investigated or asked to appear before board of nursing.

· ANA Code of Ethics- purpose, where originated, how it is used in nursing practice

2. Discuss the role and function of the following agencies and how it relates to healthcare today and their impact on nursing practice (how does each one of these agencies impact nurses and the practice of nursing)

A. Institute of Medicine (IOM)

B. Joint Commission (JC)

C. Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA)

D. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

E. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

3. Discuss what these agencies have in common as well as why these agencies were initiated.