Religion And Technology

Religion and Technology
Using Christianity, Islam, or Buddhism (just one) as your primary example, examine the different ways that this religion is practiced in different cultural contexts. Cite your sources.

· What fundamental practices are the same?

· How are the practices different from one to another society?

For this project, you will combine methods within your Toolkit in order to study a religious ritual, although the primary method will be participant observation.

Choose a religious group that interests you and attend a service, ceremony, or special event—all of these can be considered rituals as long as they occur within a religious context. You may need to contact a member or leader of the group in order to find out when they meet.

From the beginning to the end of the service, jot down quick notes about what is happening and how the ritual transitions from one activity to another.

1. Does the event open with some sort of invocation? If so, what is it, and what purpose does this serve?

2. During the ritual process, what role does the sacred or supernatural play within the event?

3. Also make note of the space in which the ritual occurred—how is it marked as sacred?

4. As you move through the ritual, how does the action change?

5. What is the demeanor and response of the audience participants and service leaders?

6. How is action accomplished as the ritual proceeds?

After finishing the participant observation, review and analyze your notes. What are the major stages and processes involved in this ritual? Write up your analysis and interpretation in 750-1250 words.