Focus on the areas of development. – 300


Slide – Solution 1- Recyclable and reusable plastic and paper


Slide – Solution 2- Replacing metal with Glass


Slide – Solution 3 – Educating customer- establishing

1.recyclable plants, 2. recyclable ATM’s, 3. Reusable tracking








Our key ideas to eliminate the pit falls. – 400 words


Nano- Tracking device using RFID

Recyling ATMS for both plastic bottles and wraps by providing coupons

Fully automatic Glass manufacturing units (humanless)

Recycling plants (using AI and ML sorting of different plastics especially reusable and recyclable plastics is possible) and research and development department for biodegradable plastic. It provides massive energy to support both production and logistics. Recycling plastic bags and making reusable plastic containers that can lasts long and track it with the RFID.

Cat-HTR™️ technology (Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor) -advanced recycling process- can help us to have required energy for production and packing purpose.

Sustainable Technologies for protection of marine by using Marine monitoring and Recycling with irradiation,

Using gamma and electron beam radiation certain types of plastic waste can be modified and therefore reused or recycled. (NUTEC Plastics and IAEA Member States)

Using 3 D Printing technology manufacturing both bottles and packs with cornstarch which is biodegradable and leaves no carbon footprint.





Our opportunities using the bio technologies. – 300 words


-packaging sales


Energy sales