Report On Entrepreneurial Behaviour Of 2000 Words.

MD4044 2020-21

Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

This document offers a suggested layout for the assignment for semester 2 of MD4044 Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

Question 1a; Evaluate the Creation and Discovery contexts of entrepreneurial opportunities.

Question 1a Contd.; As part of your evaluation, discuss any three (3) firm-level capabilities/strategies that can be used in the effective exploitation of opportunities. [hint: firm-level capabilities may include; marketing/market orientation, collaborations/alliance formation, networking, technological etc].

(Suggested word count: 1500) Allocation of marks for this question: 70% of 100%

Question 1b. Consider the five (5) dimensions of entrepreneurial orientation (see, Lumpkin and Dess, 1996). Reflect on the extent to which your attitudes and behaviours are consistent with any three (3) of these dimensions. [hint: use the references given in lectures on the dimensions of EO and reflection. Also consider the business models discussed].

(Suggested word count: 500) Allocation of marks for this question: 30% of 100%

Assessment 2 – Suggested Layout

Part 1a

· Introduction to Entrepreneurial Opportunities

· Description of Creation and Discovery Views

· Similarities of Creation and Discovery Views

· Differences between Creation and Discovery Views

· Introduction to Opportunity Exploitation

· Discussion of Entrepreneurial Strategies

· Discussion of how three Entrepreneurial Strategies can assist firms

Part 1b

· Introduction to the five Dimensions of Entrepreneurial Orientation

· Personal Reflection on three Dimensions

· References