report on Monitoring Performance

Performance objective
To demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to monitor the performance of a business plan.
Assessment description
Monitor the performance of a business plan, through testing and refining of the performance
measurement system, and report on progress of the business plan in a timely and effective manner.
1. Review the completed business plan from Assessment Task 2.
2. Identify the key performance objectives.
3. For each key performance objective:
a. Produce a report to capture and test the performance measure.
4. Write a brief report on how you would test the performance measurement systems, including:

a. Acceptable levels of variance to planned objectives (where applicable).
b. The timeframe for each report – how frequently reports will be completed.
c. What benchmarking will be used.
d. Who will be the key stakeholder for each report.
Deliverable specifications
● Submit a report on capturing performance data for each performance measure. (250 words
● Submit a written report explaining how the performance measurement system will be
implemented and tested, and how system/product failures and variances to the business will be
reported, to whom and when.(500 words)
Quality specifications
● Performance measurement system:
○ one report for each performance measure
○ covers financial and non-financial performance measures
○ report should be pitched at the appropriate level for the recipient
○ should be presented in a readable and logical format
○ should include graphs, charts or other methods of presenting data.
● Report:
○ timeframes should allow appropriate action to be taken (where necessary)
○ identify key stakeholders who will require the information
○ describe the benchmarking used to determine suitable performance measures, including
tolerance levels and variances to plan
○ document how system failures, product failures and variances to the business will be
reported, to whom and when