Reporting Business Ethics

FNCE90057 – Ethics in Finance

Assignment: Reporting Business Ethics

 This individual assignment is worth 50% of your final grade.

Instructions for completion of this assignment:

  • Responses should be in your own words, avoid plagiarism and minimise paraphrasing.
  • Articles and websites should be referenced.
  • Please restrict your answer to 2500 words.

From the following list, choose the numbered financial institution which matches the last number of your Student ID:

Look up the most recent Annual Review of your allocated bank (use the website, but you may also need to find other sources of information) and answer the following three questions:

Q1. How does your bank address ethical concerns?

Q2. Where does your bank have possible conflicts of interest?

Q3. Which theory of ethics best describes your bank – and which theory of ethics should your bank subscribe to in your opinion (it can be the same theory)?

Explain your answers.