Research Activity Essay

Please read each of the articles (PDF FILES attached) selected for each chapter (1 to 6) and watch the video selected for each Chapters 1 to 6, then follow these steps:

  • Write a 600-word essay in your own words comparing and contrasting the articles and videos, including at least one citation from each.
  • Include a list of references in alphabetical order by authors’ last names in the following format:
    • For articles:

Author Last Name, A. A., Author Last Name, B. B., & Author Last Name,

C. C. (Year). Title of article. Title of Periodical, volume number(issue

          number), pages.

  • For videos:

Last Name, First Name of person or group who uploaded video. (Date

of publication). Title of video [Video]. Website host. URL

Chapter 1 Video:

Chapter 2 Video:

Chapter 3 Video:

Chapter 4 Video: