Research And Develop A Mission And Values Statement For A Facility

  1. Introduction

Part 1

  1. Summarize the follow concepts :
    1. Corrective actions
    2. Resolved a management problem with employees who are resistive to change
    3. Developing an org chart
  2.  Research and develop a mission statement and values for a facility
  3. Describe what types of health care this facility will provide
    1. What is the purpose?
    2. What services are provides?
    3. What type of health care?
    4. # of staff
    5. Type of staff
    6. Size
    7. Departments
    8. Other important details

Part 2

  1.  Develop 5 ethical standards to implement at your chosen facility
    1. Research 2 companies with ethical standards
    2. Develop you own standards in your own words (2 APA references in final draft are required)
  2. How would you present this info to staff during training/orientations?
    1. Describe the training
  3.  Closing/Conclusion
  • Submit a 3-5 page after outline is done not including title page and reference page using APA format.