Research Assignment

Word Count: 2000 words +/-  10%

Format: A well-written story in any format of your choice, particularly essay or report, with a logical link between all the points.

Referencing: a proper referencing in any format.


Consider any real industry/company in any country producing a tradable good or service.


  • Who owns the industry/company – private or public interest, domestic or international interest?
  • What kind of product is produced: homogenous or differentiated?
  • Is the producer price maker, or price taker?
  • Is the product intended for international and domestic market, of just for export?
  • If it is sold in the domestic market, is there a competing import?
  • Is there a protection tariff in domestic and/or international market?
  • Is this industry/product subject to trade-diverting or trade-creating custom union?
  • Is the trade/investment policy with regard to this industry/product adequate?
  • If you were a policy maker, what kind of trade policy with regard to this product would you develop and implement domestically?
  • If you were the Minister of Trade, what would you undertake to negotiate with the foreign trading partners with regard to this product?