Research Essay Topic Proposal

Part 1 (40% of assignment grade)

Include a one sentence thesis statement that indicates a possible argument you can make based on a general prompt from the list below. The argument can be changed at any time without requiring that this assignment be resubmitted, but any change in the general topic will require approval from your discussion group leader. Any topic proposal that is not approved, or is deemed insufficient, will need to be re-submitted before the research essay will be accepted.


Part 2 (60% of assignment grade)

Indicate three possible sources that you may use to demonstrate your thesis. These should be specific books, journal articles or websites relating to your topic. At least one of these must be a print source or a journal from the university’s online databases that has a corresponding print edition. Note these sources in MLA format. Provide 2–3 sentences about how this source may be particularly relevant to your argument. You are not required to use these sources in your actual essay if you do not wish to do so.


You may choose 1 of the following 10 general topics:


  1. The Green New Deal


  1. Social media and political influence


  1. The popularity and/or influence of superhero movies


  1. Should we invest in outer space travel? How?


  1. The economics and/or ethics of college sports


  1. Affirmative Action


  1. What, if anything, should be done about hate speech?


  1. Is there an ideal way to facilitate student learning? What would it look like and why? Focus on a particular branch of education (kindergarten, elementary, high school, university) and/or a particular type of education (subject of study such as English or math, co-op, other).


  1. The ethics of access to experimental medical procedures


  1. Is there an ideal way to organize democratic elections? What would this look like?