Research Methods Theory ELE00123M Case study Analysis for Week 2

Research Methods Theory ELE00123M Case study Analysis for Week 2


COVID-19 is the most serious pandemic in recent times to have severely affected the pace and development of global economy. Almost all the industries in the world have had some form of impact from this pandemic. For most business leaders, this crisis has resulted in an increased pressure to survive and sustain successfully. As the overall market is highly unstable today due to the varying spikes of COVID-19 cases, unpredictable lockdowns and restrictions in movement, this brings a lot of added difficulties for businesses to achieve growth or to maintain a stable profitability for survival. There is also a big change in the ways businesses operate today due to the impacts of COVID-19. There is now a need to understand these impacts and to find ways that could help facilitate the survival of different businesses and strengthen their operations.


As part of a hypothetical research project for the York City Council, you will be evaluating the impacts of COVID on the overall hospitality sector in York. You will be creating a plan to conduct research so as to address the following objectives:


  1. What changes have you observed in the hospitality sector Pre and Post-COVID19 based on your research?
  2. Following the pandemic, it is clear that many businesses will have to change or revise the ways they operate in order to facilitate growth. Create a contingency plan for the York City Council showing a roadmap highlighting your key recommendations and any major changes and milestones that could help build York’s resilience and improve sustainability among hospitality based businesses going forward Post COVID-19. Exercise:

Please read the document ‘Research Design- Creswell’ in your VLE before addressing this exercise.

In your supervision groups, write a report (recommended 600 words, 1 report per group) discussing how you will plan your steps to conduct research for this project.  In the report, address the following questions:

  • What will be your research philosophy?
  • What will be your research strategy of inquiry?
  • What data will you collect to address the research objectives listed above?
  • What relevant research methodology/methodologies will you use to collect your data? Why will you use these method(s)?
  • What will be your proposed timeline to conduct this research work? Use a Gantt chart to showcase your project timeline.


Upload your group reports by 27th April 2021, 5 pm (UK time), in the Google Drive folder – Research Methods Theory 2021- Week 2 under your assigned MSc folders, use the following link:

Please note: You don’t need to collect any data as part of this exercise. I only expect you to put forward a research plan.