Research Paper

Term Paper

Healthy Foods, Inc., a company that specializes in health food grocery stores, wants to expand their stores into Chile.  They have hired you to research Chile and identify potential areas of cultural and political differences that may create conflicts between American business people and the business climate in general in that country.


Research to determine the business issues pertaining to the following criteria:

1. Time (punctuality for social and business meetings).

2. Monetary denomination (what is their form of currency and what is the current exchange rate to the U.S. dollar?   Do you foresee that changing (and if so, why?)? What would be the potential impact of that exchange rate on business?).

3. Important holidays (when, why, and how are they celebrated?).

4. Work week (days and hours which would be considered the norm).

5. Cultural influences on business:  Consider taboos, class distinctions, greetings, language, direct and indirect communication, nonverbalcommunication, system of education, religious influences, etc.).

6. Political influences on business (type of political system, political risk, trade barriers, corruption, etc.).

7. Discuss any adjustments managers and/or employees, you may need to bring with you to aid in your expansion, may have to make to succeed in this country.  How difficult do you think these adjustments will be for the average worker to accomplish?  How much worker training would be involved for the company (what would your recommendations be?)?


Using your research, design a “How to do Business in Chile” manual for American business people.   This document should incorporate the above business issues into a concise, easy to read manual that is professional and written in a business context.  Be creative! Make it interesting!  Be sure to include a “References” (work cited) page at the end of the manual.

Minimum length, 5 pages double spaced.  This paper will count as 25% of your semester grade for this class.