Research Paper For Sociology-Fashion Industry Affected By Covid


One Page Double Space Research Paper : Please no plagiarism, no grammar errors, please reference on information below.

Investigating being a specific Fashion Industries being affected by the covid

This paper is meant to help you develop your observation skills, your writing skills and your ability to explain social phenomena by means of concepts and theories we use in sociology. This one-page description.

The research news and magazine accounts that will help develop expertise about the topic, and second, to read at least two articles by sociologists or other social scientists.

These articles should include at least one article in a peer reviewed journal

The concept should help explain what you have found and the most significant aspect of your topic or subject.

In addition, you want to have developed enough expertise about your topic that you can explain it in detail and with enough description to enable the reader to have a clear picture of your topic.


a) Clarity of concepts and explanations derived from one of our readings;

b) Organization of the paper;

c) How well the paper explains the topic in detail and with vivid description;

d) Grammar and spelling have been reviewed, edited and corrected for clarity;

e) Editing of paper, formatting, use of citations and of quotes. (see

A Rubric for the paper will be posted. A list of sources for the paper.

Newspapers and Magazines (The University Library has access to many of these newspapers) New York Times <>

Washington Post <> Los Angeles Times <> Chicago Tribune <>

San Francisco Chronicle <> The Guardian <>

The Wall Street Journal <>

A city newspaper such as the San Jose Mercury News or the Seattle Times Vanity Fair <>

The Economist <> Bloomberg <> Reuters <>

Time <>

Newsweek <> Money <>

Wired <>

The Nation <>

In These Times <> The Atlantic <>

The New Yorker <>

Online news sources Huffpost <> CNN <>

CBS News ABC News

Business Week

Slate <>


NPR <>

Marketplace <> BBC <>

Democracy Now <> Vox <>

Vice <>

ProPublica <> CommonDreams <> Alternet <>

PRI <> Vox <>

Vanity Fair

Dollars and Sense <>

Sociologists and social scientists writing for a general audience:

Work in Progress: Sociology on the economy, work and inequality <> The Conversation <>

The Society Pages <>

Contexts magazine available through The Society Pages and through EthnicNewsWatch on SJSU Library pages

Harvard Business Review (available through the SJSU library) Russell Sage Foundation <>

The Medium <>

Social Science Research Council <> Public Policy Institute of California <>

Scholars Strategy Network <> Sociology Lens <>

UC Berkeley Labor Center <> UCLA Labor Center <>

Cornell University Industrial and Labor Relations <>

Research peer reviewed journals available through the University Library

Work and Occupations

Work Employment and Society Working USA

World of Work: The Magazine of the ILO Labor Studies Journal

New Labor Forum

Research in the Sociology of Work Community, Work and Family Gender and Society

American Sociological Review American Journal of Sociology Monthly Labor Review

Policy Research Organizations

Economic Policy Institute <>

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities <> Pew Research Center

Pew Trusts on Economic Mobility <>

The Century Foundation <>

Government Agencies

Department of Labor <> Bureau of Labor Statistics <> O*Net online <>

Activist Organizations with Policy Reports Restaurant Opportunity Center ROC Good Jobs First

Interfaith Worker Justice

Retail Action Project California Rural Legal Assistance