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Technology Enhance Leadership Capabilities



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With the improvement in technology, there are many applications that can be used. In leadership, technology plays an essential role. This work aims at studying the importance of technology and how it enhances leadership capabilities. Through technology, there is real-time reporting, higher employee productivity, and greater power and governance without any physical appearance. The work also covers critics reports on the limitations of technology to leadership, while significance of the overall study and the recommendations are made.


I. Title Page

II. Abstract

III. Outline

IV. Introduction

V. Accurate and real time

i. Real time accomplishment of tasks

ii. Automation of tasks

iii. Decision-making process

b. Higher employee productivity

i. Overcome language barrier

ii. Improve employee connection

iii. Turning over-recurring

c. Greater power and governance

i. Flexibility to employees

ii. Monitor employee remotely

VI. Opposing Evidence

VII. Significance

VIII. Recommendations

IX. Conclusion

X. Bibliography


With the constantly evolving technology, all areas of life are being impacted. For instance, technology necessitates a collaborative environment, which assists organizations to achieve bigger goals. Despite facilitating freedom to employees in a workplace to work easily, leaders are also empowered to manage the organizational operations from a distance.

The primary thesis of this research work is technology enhances leadership capabilities. Therefore, organizations should adopt technology to necessitate leadership capabilities since with the aid of technology, leaders have the abilities to receive the data they require and make proper decisions in real time. This enhances higher employees satisfaction and productivity, and allows for governance and power without necessarily needing a physical presence in the organization.

Technology refers to any application of science knowledge for use by human beings, or to the manipulation or change of the human environment. Leadership capabilities refers to a way of feeling, thinking, behaving and thinking. It is the ability of a person to develop a sense of who they are and the goals they want to achieve. The capabilities enable one to set vision, inspire, direct, engage, and teach other people effectively.

Accurate and real time

A leader can be a manager in an organization. When an organization utilizes up-to-date technology, an organization enjoys accurate and real-time reporting through automation and improves decision making for leaders. For instance, this is in terms of viewing the number of tasks accomplished by team members to ensure smooth running of the organization. the real time reports allow for overall efficiency among individuals, teams, or departments. a leader makes use of task management tools to track shared tasks, groups, or personal tracks to ensure they are completed within the required time.

Similarly, a leader can be able to automate the number of tasks within the organization to save time. through technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotic process adoption, and machine learning, they can be utilized as part of business strategy. These technologies ensure improved productivity, better quality service, and, efficient material use, and high productivity rates. However, there is a need to embrace modern technologies to avoid disruptions that arise with some technologies to ensure there is smooth flow.

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Opposing evidence

Although technology offers numerous advantages to a leader, critics have suggested that there are disadvantages associated with technology, and thus does not enhance capabilities among leaders. For instance, using technology suggests a need for new diplomatic, managerial skills that leaders may require for the smooth running of the organization. The new technology may not necessarily accommodate the existing skills. Also, technology affects the managerial function of a leader by increasing management responsibilities for the outcomes of the organization that lead to emphasis on decision making, coordination, and planning. Also, technology depends on a leader’s capabilities such as intellectual skills, and lack of proper skills may undermine a leader. This produces strain among the leaders which affects output, productivity, and their morale. Moreover, they suggest that technology affects leadership capabilities by increasing consideration time of the brain and heart especially when making decisions.

Technology enhances a leader’s capabilities. Through it, there is faster decision making, and it enables a leader to be moral sensitive and compassionate for other people. Similarly, technology has been associated with increasing loyalty to the profession that a leader is in, despite being loyal to their organization. Therefore, it makes a leader enjoy their profession and work hard towards their organizations’ goals rather than a reduction in morale and poor relation with others.


This work is significant in the field of research. Through it, learners can understand the concept of technology and how it relates to enhancing leadership capabilities.  The work covers on why organizations should adopt technology, and the positive effects on the overall outputs. Through this work, researchers can use it for future reference, and carry the recommendations made.


The effect of technology on leadership capabilities is still debatable. This work aimed at researching how technology enhances the capabilities. However, there are arguments by critics that try to prove the limitations associated with the use of technology, and their negative effects on leadership capabilities. There is a dire need for future researchers to carry extensive research on importance of technology, and the disadvantage of each, and weigh the side that has the most points.


This work aims at researching how technology enhances leadership capabilities. It is evidence that technology has numerous advantages in enhancing leadership capabilities. Through it, it offers accurate real time reporting and improves decision making for all leaders. Also, it enhances high employees’ productivity and satisfaction, especially when they can easily access technological tools they require to complete their jobs. Moreover, technology allows greater governance and power among leaders without needing their physical presence. The net result of technology among leaders is a greater requirements for proper leadership and planning in any organization. “What do leaders need to achieve tomorrow’s objectives?” With the question in mind, it is possible to evaluate technology comprehensively as the solution to leaders’ capabilities. Through technology, leaders can understand the alternatives available to them to lead and cope with any changes that arise, which enhances their overall capabilities.




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