Research Paper

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Summarize your findings. Please limit resources to those that are less than ten years old, and follow these guidelines for crafting your paper – Research Papers

Topics: Choose one topic from the list below. You can choose to explore a narrow issue relative to that topic – for example – if you choose diversity and inclusion, you may be interested in best practices in recruiting women into roles in technology. Before starting your research, it may help to have a question in mind that you would like to answer – like – “I know companies are moving away from traditional performance reviews. Why is that and what are they replacing them with?” I’d love to know the question you are trying to answer at the start of your paper. It would be helpful to choose a topic that would apply to the organization you work ( SECURITY OFFICER) because assignment 2 will ask you to apply the best practices you learned about to your own organization!

TOPIC …….. Diversity & Inclusion

Please limit your papers to about five pages, double-spaced, excluding cover and references. Make sure to include citations throughout the paper and use APA formatting guidelines. Use a minimum of five high-quality sources.

An outstanding paper will be:

1. Well written – well-formatted, few to no writing errors, using citations and references, and following APA guidelines.

2. Detailed – you use data from solid sources to answer the question you posed at the beginning and outline current, relevant best practices in your topic area.

3. Thoughtful – you don’t just present information, but you analyze it and advocate for a best practice or set of best practices and provide sound reasoning for your position.