Research proposal

  1. a) Research proposal (10%


research proposal for the project to be conducted, which should be submitted online via the module Learn page through Turnitin.

In brief, the research proposal is a preliminary report to help the students clarify their focus, objectives, academic literature, and methods. It should be structured in the following way:

  • Your dissertation title, which indicates the proposed area of study (note: this can

be modified as the research work progresses).

  • A statement of your research question followed by a brief but thorough literature

review (including citation of key references) addressing what is currently known

about the topic you intend to research.

  • Your likely research method (including whether it will be qualitative or quantitative

or mixed, and why).

  • Preliminary details about:

o How you will collect your data (including sample profile and measures/interview questions), and

o How you will analyse your data (including a specific mention of which methods will be used).

  • A brief section on any ethical or confidentiality issues that is expected to encounter in the dissertation.
  • A clear timetable for the research plan (using a visual indicator, e.g., Gantt chart). Students are recommended to familiarise themselves with the “marking criteria and

descriptors for the research proposal” for setting expectations (See Appendix 2).